Google Earth Clues


Clue No. 1:
Go to this capital city and get a lighter from the guard at an extinguished military guy's memorial. Negotiate if you like, but his usual price is 100 zlotys.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Why does the fire burn on and on?
COLLECT: 500 gold coins.

Clue No. 2:
Within an 1100 meter radius of Artesina, Italy, it is rumored you will find a PINK abnormally large hare. Yes, somebody knit this bunny to make us smile. I NEED this picture for the museum!!
LETTER TO CURATOR: Why on earth would anyone do this?
COLLECT: 275 gold coins

Clue No. 3:
This isn’t the biggest or the most complex or the busiest motorway junction in the world, but it is the coolest! The only thing missing is an airplane runway—this mega artery crosses two railways, three canals, and two rivers. If you have an eagle eye, you can simply fly to Birmingham, England and look NorthEast to see it (it’s about ½ way between Stockland Green and Nechells)! Take a picture so I can find my way through this vehicle jungle.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Why do you think this intersection of roads bears its name?
COLLECT: 500 gold coins

Clue No. 4:
Mama Mia! Don’t go to the Sears or Devil's or the of London. Instead head over the Eiffel . At this landmark, take a picture of this skewed landmark.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Describe the famous experiment Galileo is said to have performed at this famous landmark?
COLLECT: 275 gold coins

Clue No. 5:
Do you have time to visit William and Harry and their famous grandmother (the Queen)? Once you get to their house, bring back your favorite photo.
LETTER TO THE CURATOR: What political cause was their mother most known for?
COLLECT: 350 gold coins

Clue No. 6:
Take a trip to one of the largest open-pit diamond mines in the world, certainly the largest in Africa, its name meaning “resting place of lions.” Once you arrive in the mine, take a picture of the company that owns the right to all the diamonds in this 52-acre pit.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Who is this company and what is a blood diamond?
COLLECT: 500 gold coins

Clue No. 7:
I’ve heard rumors about the unique type of jewelry the Mursi women wear. Can you take both an aerial shot of the country this tribe lives in and a picture of the jewelry? That would be a big attraction for the museum?
LETTER TO CURATOR: Why do the women of this tribe sport such wear?
COLLECT: 350 gold coins

Clue No. 8:
Talk about a hike! Fly to Africa and climb to the top of her highest mountain:
3 4 9 S 37 21 7 E. Find a close-by glacier on the summit.
LETTER TO CURATOR: What is the name of this glacier? Speculate why this glacier is soon to be gone and what impact it will have on the people.
COLLECT: 275 gold coins

Clue No. 9:
If you can tolerate the hate of the past, fly to: 14 40 0 N 17 24 0 W. Bring back an aerial view of this historically deplorable island.
LETTER TO CURATOR: How many African are thought to have passed through this island on their way to the Americas?
COLLECT: 500 gold coins

Clue No. 10:
The news out of Darfur is so disturbing. Although the pictures will be less disturbing that the horror that exists, fly to Darfur and bring back a picture of a refugee, a tent camp, or a destroyed village. Find enormous empathy for the millions of victims for their years of suffering.
LETTER TO CURATOR: How many internally displaced refugees are there in Darfur?
COLLECT: 350 gold coins

Central Asia
Clue No. 11:
Culture/Central Asia
From the capital city Ulaanbaatar (indicated with a black star in a red circle), travel 10.7 miles due east to visit this yurt. Pay the owner for a picture of his tapestry.
LETTER TO CURATOR: What is the social symbolism of the yurt?
COLLECT: 500 gold coins

Clue No. 12:
Geography/Central Asia
Man Overboard! No, no, I mean SHIP OUT OF WATER! Oh, what is going on! This could only happen in Hong Kong. Go to the Whampoa Gardens and get an aerial picture of this lost boat!
LETTER TO CURATOR: Why does the Hong Kongese hang out here?
COLLECT: 275 gold coins

Clue No. 13:
History/Central Asia
Emperor Qin was quite the guy! Not wanted to be undefended in the afterlife, he did something amazing! Fly to 34 23 06 N 109 16 30 E, and zoom in to discover a piece of unearthed history dating back to 221 BC and found in 1974 by a dirt-poor farmer drilling for water. Take a picture of this amazing underground mausoleum.
LETTER TO CURATOR: What was the purpose of all those dudes?
COLLECT: 350 gold coins

Clue No. 14:
Art/Central Asia
Jet over to the Taj Mahal. On the banks for the Yamuna River, this amazing structure is world-renowned. Take a picture of the man who built this structure.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Tell the love story behind the building of this building.
COLLECT: 275 gold coins

Clue No. 15:
Science/Central Asia
“Because it’s there!” That’s why those driven souls climb the tallest mountain in the world. Find a picture of the summit and bring it on home.
LETTER TO CURATOR: If you were going to summit this mountain, what temperature range would you expect to experience?
COLLECT: 350 gold coins

North America
Clue No. 16:
Science/North America
Take a hot air balloon to the hometown of the Canuck’s hockey team. Grab a boat to the northern peninsula, visit the aquarium, and bring back a picture of their famous sea otters.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Why are sea otters bones often purple?
COLLECT: 275 gold coins

Clue No. 17:
Culture/North America
The world loves a TV host! So go to 33 13 32 N 111 35 48 W and check out this family’s agricultural salute to their choice for 2004. Take a picture of this farm phenomenon AND a picture of the actual celebrity (from her website).
LETTER TO CURATOR: Go the Schnepf farm’s webpage and describe the ACTUAL forecast at this very minute (hint: check out the webcam and follow the links!)
COLLECT: 350 gold coins

Clue No. 18:
History/North America
Do a Google search for the famous AMARC in Arizona. Find the coordinates for this interesting site and go take a picture of it for your journal.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Describe how this landmark attained its nickname. Review the “full article” link on the Wikipedia icon and describe why this landmark site is in Arizona.
COLLECT: 350 gold coins

Clue No. 19:
Geography/North America
Even Katrina couldn’t take down the longest bridge in the world! Take a picture from the live traffic cam on this bridge before answering this question for your journal.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Just short of the length of marathon, how many cars cross this bridge every day and what kinds of life would be best supported by the habitat under the bridge?
COLLECT: 275 gold coins

Clue No. 20:
Art/North America
Those Hawaiians! The make the most beautiful, unique quilts. Many are on display at the Hana Cultural Center. Fly there and take an ARIAL shot of the island and include a picture of a typical Hawaiian quilt (
LETTER TO CURATOR: What Hawaiian island are you on and what makes the construction of a Hawaiian quilt different than any other quilt?

COLLECT: 500 gold coins

South America
Clue No. 21:
Science/South America
It's time for a cup of java. Fly to San Jose, Costa Rica. After partaking in a cup of joe, hike east to Costa Rica's highest active volcano and take a picture of what you see when you peer into the top.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Explain why you wouldn't take a dip in the lake you found!
COLLECT: 350 gold coins

Clue No. 22:
Art/South America
Everyone’s heard of a White Elephant, but a Mexican White Horse? Yes, it’s true. Get a picture of this replica of the famous English counterpart, the Uffington Horse.
LETTER TO CURATOR: What are the two differences (other than location) of these two horse geoglyphs?
COLLECT: 500 gold coins

Clue No. 23:
Geography/South America
Somebody left the water running! On the border of Argentina and Brazil, you will find the convergence of 270 waterfalls that dump 6.5 liters PER SECOND. There are so many beautiful pictures of the falls that you can bring back ANY picture of the falls. Get there by flying to 25 41 17 S 54 26 40 W.
LETTER TO THE CURATOR: Without shedding a tear of passion, tell the love story from the Guarani as to how the waterfall got its name.
COLLECT: 350 gold coins

Clue No. 24:
Culture/South America
Don’t get a nosebleed when you fly to the largest lake in South America. Found at 15 50 32 S 69 29 15 W, this lake has more than 25 rivers that feed into it. As big as this lake is, bring back an aerial picture of it!
LETTER TO CURATOR: Mention the name of this Lake in your letter and tell me why and how do the Uros people build their own floating islands?
COLLECT: 275 gold coins

Clue No. 25:
History/South America
Don’t try to spell THIS on a spelling test! Flying to Hornindalsvatnet, Norway, you will find yourself on the edge of a fiord. We need a picture of the famous waterway!
LETTER TO CURATOR: A famous seafarer came from Norway. He took an amazing journey in a vessel known as Kon-Tiki. What scientific hypothesis was he trying to prove?
COLLECT: 350 gold coins

Middle East
Clue No. 26:
Culture/Middle East
With over 1 BILLION people practicing the Islam faith, many make a yearly pilgrimage to Mecca. Bring back a picture of the holiest building in Mecca, known as the Ka’bah.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Describe the ritual of circumambulating.
COLLECT: 350 gold coins.

Clue No. 27:
Geography/Middle East
ALIENS HAVE LANDED! We have Google Earth proof!! It’s near an airfield in the Sinai Desert!! Go to 28 54 6 N 33 11 28 E and take a picture of this UFO! OK, it’s not a UFO, and when you go to, you can DISPROVE it is a UFO by taking another picture of a similar structure in Finland.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Describe this object!
COLLECT: 500 gold coins

Clue No. 28:
Science/Middle East
Once you’ve reached the extravagant moment located at 33 18 N, 44 23 11 E, find the Panoramic picture of the Hands of Victory. Bring me back a picture of this monument.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Describe what the Hands of Victory swords are made of and if steel cost $2,000 per ton, tell me how much it would cost to replace the swords.
COLLECT: 350 gold coins

Clue No. 29:
Art/Middle East
Some people just have too much money! Fly to the city whose leader is Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. From there, travel south down the coastline until you can see one of the most amazing architectural expenditures of money in the world. Visit both the World Island and the Palm Islands. Bring back a picture of whichever one you think is the most extravagant use of money!
LETTER TO CURATOR: Take the average cost of a home on the northern most archipelago (shaped liked the earth!) and the total cost of building this artificial island and figure out how many homes they hope to build. Explain, in words, how you did this calculation?
COLLECT: 500 gold coins

Clue No. 30:
History/Middle East
Visit the smallest of the occupied territory in the Middle East. Get a physical map of the area.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Who lives there and where did they come from?
COLLECT: 500 gold coins

Clue No. 31:
Paraglide over to Uluru and take a picture of this giant monolith.
LETTER TO CURATOR: How is dreamtime of the Pitjantjatjara different from ours?
COLLECT: 500 old coins

Clue No. 32:
If you haven’t seen the largest man-made artwork in the world, you need to! After all, it’s a geoglyph in Australia. No one knows exactly how it got there and it was only discovered in 1998, but someone had a big earth-moving machine, GPS equipment and about 6 weeks to make this amazing design. Take a picture of this dude and then Google his name.
LETTER TO CURATOR: What is he doing?
COLLECT: 350 gold coins

Clue No. 33:
At 36 24 22 S 174 43 33 E you will find a New Zealand geoglyph. Take a picture for your journal.
LETTER TO CURATOR: What does the name of this geoglyph mean and what would you want to receive a necklace in this shape?
COLLECT: 275 gold coins

Clue No. 34:
Keep your eyes open, as Dr. Seuss tells us. And it paid off on for anthropologist Dr. Dean Falk who made an amazing recent discovery. Get there quick!! And take an aerial picture of this island showing all the volcanoes on the island.
LETTER TO THE CURATOR: Who are the Hobbits?
COLLECT: 350 gold coins

Clue No. 35:
Take a dip in the ocean as you visit the world’s largest coral reef. Take an aerial picture of this phenomenon.
LETTER TO CURATOR: What is the main theory as to why the coral reefs are bleaching?
COLLECT: 350 gold coins

South East Asia
Clue No. 36:
Culture/South East Asia
Are you forgetful? Do you love to write notes to yourself and leave then around so you can remember things? After visiting this chicken shed in Thailand (16 23 41N, 103 19 E), you might think this is a good spot for the farmer to keep a giant shopping list. But it isn’t actually a yellow sticky note. Take a picture and post it in your journal.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Describe the mistake that was made that led to the invention of sticky notes?
COLLECT: 300 gold coins

Clue No. 37:
Art/South East Asia
I need to get a picture from the inside the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. Find the city this is located in, fly there and get a picture.
LETTER TO CURATOR: What was life like in the prison for the 20,000 political prisoners under the Khmer Rouge regime?
COLLECT: 300 gold coins

Clue No. 38:
Geography/South East Asia
If you fly to the third largest island in the world, you will find a scenic mountain to behold rich with orchids and ferns! And how it got its name is a wondrous story itself. Take an aerial picture of this mountain.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Tell the story, in your own words, of “Cina Balu”.
COLLECT: 275 gold coins

Clue No. 39:
History/South East Asia
There is trouble in SouthEast Asia!! Fly quickly to the homeland of Aung San Suu Kyi and take an aerial picture of this country (showing its “other name”).
LETTER TO CURATOR: Why did this woman win the Noble Peace Prize in 1991? If we invite her to come to speak at the museum, would she come?
COLLECT: 410 gold coins

Clue No. 40:
Science/South East Asia
Zip over to a famous part of Angkor Wat (13 26 7 N 103 53 27 E). This Cambodian temple was built for King Suryavarman II in the early 12th century as his state temple and capital city. The temple was built dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. Look around to find the famous Strangling Fig.
LETTER TO CURATOR: Why do those trees grow like that; how did they get their name?
COLLECT: 400 gold coins