Google Earth "YOU NEED TO KNOWs"
  • The images are not in real time. Most images are two to three years old. Overhead images have been obtained from a variety of sources, including declassified satellite data and commercial aerial imagery.

  • Most of the earth is low resolution imagery, but some places, such as major metropolitan areas, offer much higher resolution.

  • Satellites are in a Polar Orbit, so the images tend to run North / South.

  • The "Fly To" box can be a little finicky!

  • Latitude/longitude is separated by number phrase and direction with a space, but NOTHING ELSE (i.e., 42 118 39E 37 19 125 S).

  • Be at the right "eye altitude" (the height you are above the Earth). Sometimes you need to zoom OUT to get a larger picture and sometimes you need to zoom IN pretty close.

  • Make sure you check to see that the correct layers are on for what you are searching for!

  • Always wait for the video streaming (in the lower center of the satellite picture) to reach 100 percent.

Google Earth Navigation Tip Card