Overview of Google Earth

Congratulations! You are about to take your students on the virtual trip of a lifetime! Their participation in this project will take them to places on this earth they will probably never see in their lifetime, meet people they didn’t know even existed, and delve into their unexamined personal views, all in the context of an academic challenge. Instruction is provided in a:
  • student-driven
  • standards-addressed
  • technology-enhanced
  • authentically-assessed adventure of global discovery
  • while your students are meeting state and district Information, Literacy, and Technology standards.

Project Objectives
Where On Earth is designed to give students a self-directed research adventure with reading, writing and technology authentically interlaced in a curricular content of your choice with a competitive edge.
  • Students will effectively and authentically use Google Earth;
  • Students will gather and summarize information;
  • Students will improve searching techniques by determining and using keywords;
  • Students will read with purpose;
  • Students will write summaries with personal perspective